Krua Aleemeen Halal Restaurant - ครัวอาลีมีน

Another new favourite restaurant in Phuket Town! 'Krua Aleemeen'

Why a favourite? Well.... 

1.) Good food at local prices, including my favourite 'Kao Yam', 
the dishes you see below cost 50 baht each. 
All food is Halal and apart from local food they also serve Japanese food in the evening.

2.) Friendly staff.  Good atmosphere. Both outside and air conditioned seating.

3.) Parking (lots of it). 

Parking roadside is possible but not advisable and there are plenty of spaces in the Sangdamrong car park, free of charge. Sangdamrong ( is located just opposite the entrance to Suan Luang Park and in the same road as the Weekend Market and Naka Temple 'Wirat Hong Yok Road' so you can combine shopping for kitchenware too as well as a jog around the park to work up an apetite. 

So now you know why this is a favourite and why I have been back several times already!

Krua Aleemeen is open everyday from 07.30am to 21.00pm