Laem Promthep


Laem Promthep (Promthep Cape) also known by the locals as Laem Jao (God's Cape) is the southern most tip of the Phuket Province or, as Jamie Monk put it in his blog - "The End of Phuket!"

Thanks to Phuket Coconut Paradise Villas for the photo

Along the roadside that leads to the car park are many stalls selling snacks, so be sure to buy something before you walk on to watch the sunset! 

Locals and tourists alike will stop to make an offering at the Elephant Shrine. 

The Opening Ceremony of the Golden Jubilee Lighthouse Construction Project was held on Monday, September 29, 1997 in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of His Majesty the King accession to the throne.

This must be the only lighthouse I have ever visited where you have to remove your shoes before entering!

Inside the light house is a small museum collection as well as a small souvenir stall. 

It is possible to climb up to the top from where you can see the offshore islands as well as a great view of Rawai and Nai Harn as well as watching other tourists enjoying the sunset below.

View of Rawai with Lone Island on the left, Coral Island on the right and Bon Island hiding behind the trees close to the shore in the middle.

Most people will know Laem Promthep for being the best place to watch the sunset in Phuket, sunrise is
good too, and therefore most people will see it from above.

Thanks to Phuket Coconut Paradise Villas for the photo

Don't forget to try the Laem Promthep Restaurant and enjoy a perfect sunset accompanied by a nice cold beer and good food. 

Sunset is beautiful but it is also good to view Laem Promthep in daylight from the sea, taking a boat from Rawai Beach and following the shoreline around to Koh Mun, Haad Ya Nui, Haad Nai Harn and Ao Sane. If you take the trip late afternoon you can watch the sunset from your boat.

Departing from Rawai Beach 
Laem Promthep appears in the distance.
Hidden beaches as you follow the coast around.

The Lighthouse built in 1996 for the Golden Jubilee of His Majesty the King finally becomes visible.

As you reach the headland, Haad Nai Harn can be seen just beyond Koh Mun.
Koh Mun
Looking back out from Ao Nai Harn to Koh Gaew Yai and Koh Gaew Noi