Although many locals and tourists alike prefer to choose the air-conditioned convenience of a department store, there are still may of us who prefer the personal touch found in the smaller shops that have been in Phuket for over 100 years

In the late 19th century when the Chinese came to work in the tin mining industry, small shops, restaurants and bars started to open to serve the needs of the workers. Coffee shops, bars, grocery shops and the like were usually run by the Chinese community as they still are today. If you take a walk around the older parts of Phuket Town you can still find a large number of these traditional shops many of which have changed very little over the years.

Do Re Mi Music Shop, Phuket, Thailand

Phuket's oldest cake shop Kengtin's still serves the needs of the local people during festivals such as the Hungry Ghost Festival as well as providing modern packaging for those looking to take something home as a gift.

Below are some links to separate posts of some of the places I find useful around town, however outside of Phuket Town in other districts of Phuket there are many small local shops that serve the same needs. Not to mention the endless numbers of 7/11 and other 'marts' that are appearing on every street corner!

Shops and Service Centres

Batik - You can find batik wall hangings, clothes and fashion accessories in most souvenir shops around the Island. There are also some shops that produce their own batik and these make an ideal place to see how the fabrics are produced. The best known is probably Chai Batik on Chaofa Tawan Ork Road. For cheap batik sarongs try Tanon Thalang.

Books - Seng Ho not far from the Tourist Office on the corner of Montri Road and Dibuk Road. Phuket's oldest book shop, now has smaller branches in Lotus and Central. Some English Language books are available as well as tourist guides. The same goes for The Books located at 53-55 Phuket Rd. There are several used book shops in Phuket Town and The Book Cafe in Rawai, serving home-made cakes and drinks too. Another second hand book shop can be found in Phang Nga Road close to the Bangkok Bank, they also serve noodles in front of the shop.

Cars and Trucks - Ford, Honda, Isuzu, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota etc Most dealers have more than one Phuket branch and have a service center on site.

Cameras and Lenses - Try Big Camera in Big C, Central or Jungceylon Shopping Centres.

Computer - My favourite is Wattana Computer I have been using their services since they were the only computer shop in Phuket long before we had Game Zones here or even local internet and very few of the locals knew how to use a computer. The good old days - c.1989They offer a full computer and networking solutions with a repair service in their workshop on the second floor. 

185/3 Phang-Nga Rd.
A. Muang
Phuket 83000
Telephone: 076 232 606-8

(Close to Phuket Bus Station and the Electricity Dept. )

FoodKengtin's - Traditional Phuket Cake Shop - nice packaging ideal for gifts.
There are so many convenience stores these days that a lot of the old family run grocery shops are disappearing. For fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and meat the best place is undoubtedly the Phuket Fresh Food Market. Just opposite is 'Soi Downtown' which is well know for fruit and vegetables, most of which are sold on the road (literally). Remember to look out for the Phuket Pineapple while you're there. Rawai in southern Phuket is famous for it's Seafood Market where you can purchase fresh seafood from the local Chao Le (Sea Gypsy) as well as souvenirs made from seashells. Another place popular with the locals is Talad Gor Jahn - a small fish market that starts in the afternoon, just head for the Incinerator hear Saphan Hin and look for a small lane along the side of the canal. I will try to blog this soon. 

Furniture - Index Living Mall  76 Moo. 5, Chalermphrakiat Rd., Wichit, Muang Phuket 83000 and nearby SB Design Square, located near to Big C, are ideal for modern furniture. However the best place to find traditional furniture is at smaller street side shops - just take a drive around! One place worth a look is a workshop located in Chao Fa West Road not far from Wang Thalang Gems, here they make furniture and repair furniture on premises, I have no idea what its called so just look for wooden furniture piled up street-side.

Glass - Chalong Glass Chao Fa East Road. Wide selection of glass and aluminium products. For more details visit their website.

Kitchen Equipment - Saeng Damrong open since 1959 you can see photo of old shop on their website. Online shopping is available.

Hardware - There are many small traditional shops scattered around Phuket Town, usually small, tightly packed shops with barely enough room to walk around, one very well know shop is Eng Shiang in Tanon Thalang, it has just about everything you can think of! There are specialist shops for electric tools and many people now go to places like Homeworks or Home Pro (see bottom of post) for tools and home decorating stuff.

 Opticians - Muang Tong Nalika - Family run business selling watches, clocks, computerised eye-testing, opticians. Located opposite Sarn Jao Mae Guan Im on Bangkok Road.
Waen Top Charoen  - Nationwide company with their own Optical Clinic in Bangkok.

Pets - Personally I can't help here so try taking a look at a few of the links here. If you want to adopt a dog contact Soi Dog.

Musical Instruments - Do Re Mi Music Store - the one you can see in the picture at top of this page with a Yamaha sign. Located net to the Old Standard Charter Bank on the intersection of Tanon Phuket and Tanon Phang Nga!

Pharmacy - old Chinese Herbal Medicine - Fascinating places full of drawers of the most amazing collections of herbs and spices. The pharmacist will be able to help choose the right ones for you but seeing a Chinese Traditional Doctor is advisable. I have been using the pharmacy on the intersection of Yaowarat Road and Phang Nga Road for many years, sadly the doctor I was visiting there is no longer with us.
A similar and maybe more famous herbal pharmacy is Nguan Choon Tong in Talang Road. If you need imported medicines try the Fascino Pharmacy in Poonpol Road just opposite the yellow Bank of Ayudhya and set slightly off the road at the entrance to Phuket@Town near the petrol station.

Photocopy - my regular choice is located on Mae Luan Road near to Panthep Condo Town, they offer copying, binding and laminating at reasonable prices.

Printing. For most of my basic printing requirements I use Andaman Offset in Phoonpol Night Plaza in Phuket Town. Traditional printers can be seen in Tanon Thalang. There are also much larger companies that print billboards and leaflets, these can be found around Phuket Town. Some that spring to mind are Arrowmedia, the award winning Limmark which opened in 1989, and iTree.

Sewing and Fabric. A good place to find sewing accessories and fabric is in Tanon Thalang. For sewing equipment try Nawagahn (เน าวกานต์) in Tanon Phang Nga near the On On Hotel.

Souvenirs. There are many places to buy souvenirs, street-side in the main tourist areas, department stores, or in Phuket town. One place less known to many tourists is Rawai Beach,  just go to the 'Sea Gypsy Village' at the northern end of the beach to find a range of souvenirs made from seashells. The Rawai Shell Museum also has a shop. Other popular souvenirs include Batik (Try Chai Batik near Tanon Kwang), Cashew Nuts, Pearls and Silk.

Sports Equipment - A new 'Premium Outlet' for all the big names has opened for tourists, however Jungceylon and Central Festival has a store called Super Sports  where you can find clothes and equipment without having to travel out of town. However it is worth doing a price check and watching out for special promotional discounts!

Stationery - Kiatsin one of the oldest Stationary Shops in Phuket, but now in a new location. I remember this being the almost the only place to get anything from invoice books to Xmas Cards back in1987 before the arrival of the big department stores! In those days it used to be located in front of Phuket Fresh Food Market, the family living in the rooms behind the store.

Vehicles and Vehicle Service -  Manit Center Max, offers a wide range of products, check out prices on their (cool) website!
Cockpit in Mae Luan Road offers efficient wheel and tyre services and a selection of tyres and accessories .

Weddings - If you are planning a beach or island wedding try Coral Seekers, they will organise everything for you. For other wedding services there are many organisers in Phuket so it is worth shopping around!

Department Stores - Big C, Central, Lotus, Homepro, Homeworks, Robinson, Jungceylon, Tops, Home Pro

Supermarket | Big C Phuket
Big C
The cheapest of Phuket's department stores, selling food,  low quality clothes, and electrical goods. 
Visit the basement for computer supplies and mobile phones. 
Top floor Food Center for cheap meals purchased by buying a coupon on entrance.

Phuket's best international lifestyle and shopping destination
Central Festival
Cinema, supermarket, restaurants, banks and several floor of franchise shops selling brand name clothes, shoes and a wide range of electrical goods. 

Supermarket, household accessories, clothing store | Phuket Shopping
Tesco Lotus and Home Pro
Food supplies, cheap clothes, electrical equipment, pharmacy, restaurants 
and the Home Pro department for everything you need for interior and exterior furniture and decoration.

Household accessories | Shopping in Phuket
Interior and exterior furniture and decoration.

Shopping Mall | Phuket Souvenirs
Jungceylon, Patong
Restaurants, bars, souvenirs, clothes and just about everything else!

Shopping in Phuket | Suoermarket and Souvenirs

Souvenirs, furniture and household equipment, clothes and sports wear at Sports World, Toy's R Us, an IT shop and the Villa Market for international food supplies.

Wholesale Grocery Shops - Makro, Prompan, Phuket Grocery, Super Cheap

Wholesale grocery shopping in phuket
Membership card required.

For a list of companies in Phuket (Thai only) visit:

Night Markets

Naka Weekend Market - Saturday and Sunday 16.00pm to 22.30pm

Lard Yai Sunday Walking Street - every Sunday from late afternoon until 10.00pm