I will gradually add more restaurants here, but for now here are
Just a few of my favourite restaurants in Phuket.
(Please note restaurants move, close or change their cook so apologies if you don't find the same experience as I did!)

Chalong is maybe not on the general tourist agenda, however it has a lot to offer, Ao ChalongWat Chalong and more recently the Big Buddha. Going back to 1987 when I first arrived in Phuket one of Phuket's most famous restaurants was definitely Kan Eang 2, along with it's predecessor Kan Eang 1 (now 'Kan Eang @ Pier') over the years many new restaurants have opened and Kan Eang 2 has been forgotten by many, however it is still on the top of my list!

Early in 2011 a new location was to be added to my lists of favourites, Rimtang @ Chalong, located opposite the back entrance of Wat Chalong, on the road that leads to Wat Dtai.

Living and working here in Phuket means that I am often looking for cheap places to eat and I regularly stop at a curry shop just between Chalong Police Station and the Thai Farmer's Bank, there are a few different stalls selling noodles, fried chicken and the latest addition is a tiny but cute coffee shop, or stall called 162 Coffee. Just opposite is a small market selling clothes and other items and again lots of food stalls there too.

Kata and Karon
Unfortunately I get little chance to go to Kata or Karon but back in the early days here I often used to take lunch on Kata Beach at Kata Mama's, it's still open so I'll go back soon. Another recommendation is the Ska Bar which has a live fireshow every Friday night and if you like reggae this is the place for you. For something a bit more upmarket for dinner then try Kata Cuit, quality food and service. I will update when I get the chance to explore some more.

Kathu and Patong
I don't spend any time in Patong so I am sorry I can't recommend anything just now, maybe one day! There is one place that I must mention though - the Kao Yam and Dim Sum Restaurant in Kathu (not it's name, just look for the brown and orange stripy restaurant opposite the Old Mansion on the road through from Phuket Town to Kathu Village. Open early to 13.00pm. Kao Yam is one of my all time favourite dishes. Another place to find it is next to the Bangkok Bank in Tanon Phang Nga, Phuket Town see my post 'Kao Yam Tang Leuk'. 

Nabon (Palai - Mudong)
Just follow the road down to Phuket Zoo and a completely different Phuket will appear, well that is until it gets more developed. This is the continuation of Ao Chalong that runs through Haad Palai into the mangrove forests of Klong Mudong. There are several restaurants along Haad Palai so just choose the one you like best. Order some food and then take a stroll along the beach. At low tide the small fishing boats will be left stranded, great for taking photos! I still have to decide which is my favourite here! However if you prefer lunch in the middle of the mangrove forest then Mor Mudong Restaurant is definitely the best choice!

Phuket Town
Phuket Town has a lot of restaurants that come and go but there are a few that have been around at least since I arrived  here and the Natural Restaurant or Tammachart Restaurant in Soi Phutorn is probably top of my list. Just down the road is the Jui Dtui Chinese Temple and for vegetarians it is possible to find several vegetarian restaurants near the temple, including Or's Vegetarian Restaurant  right opposite the temple entrance (2015 this has moved to new location), or three other similar restaurant just next door, such as Ruam Jai Vegetarian, facing on to Tanon Ranong. During the annual Vegetarian Festival street side stalls selling vegetarian food are erected along half of Tanon Ranong, offering a wide variety of food and cakes. In 2014 a new restaurant opened up in the road that runs from Naka Temple to Phuket Town, it's a great little place a bit like a mini version of the Natural Restaurant and it doesn't have a big name sign so take a look at my post Siow Jong Sin Restaurant to see more. Another favourite, due to the location by the Bang Yai Canal are the street side restaurants of Choom Chon 40 Hong (not far from the Transport Office). 

There are a lot of restaurants of various styles in the Old Town especially along Tanon Thalang, but if you are looking for Halal food then a couple of my favourites are Arun's Roti Restaurant and Abdul's just down the road. Recently a second hand bookshop in Tanon Phang Nga has started selling noodles and Kao Yam, the books weren't my choice but I went there for the Kao Yam! 

For the Chinese community then Dim Sum is a popular way to start the day and there are several Dim Sum (or Kanom Jeep) restaurants all around town, such as the well know Chokechai Dim Sum in Tanon Mae Luan, Lahn Dim Sum in Tanon Poonpol, or Juan Hiang (จวนเฮียง) just across the road in Soi Phuket@Town. Most Dim Sum restaurants will only stay open until around noon as they often open well before sunrise. Another popular local breakfast is Khanom Jeen, a very healthy food consisting of noodles eaten with curry and raw vegetables, which can be found all over Phuket, try Khanom Jeen Mae Dting or Khanom Jeen Pah Mai both in Tanon Satun. Get there early as most Kanom Jeen and Dim Sum shops close around 11am!

Fancy some healthy juice the try the recently opened Juice Raw serving a nice selection of healthy drinks and a few snacks. The bar is near the corner of Soi Soon Utit on Yaowarat Road and not far from the very popular Lock Tian Restaurant on the corner of Dibuk Road. Lock Tian is a good place for noodles, satay or freshly made Spring Rolls.

If you fancy something a little colonial then maybe stop at the On On Hotel and take a coffee at Kopi de Phuket. In 2012 the hotel was renovated and in 2013 the hotel now is open again under the name The Memory at On On and Kopi de Phuket has moved out and in its place the Baba Phuket restaurant has opened which I have yet to try. Kopi de Phuket is still open at their other branch near 'The Books' bookshop in Phuket Road and serve a really good Bak Kut Teh. Almost opposite the hotel is a new favourite for Thais, the Too Gap Kao restaurant which has a great menu at medium prices. Or how about dining in an old Mansion? Raya Restaurant on Dibuk Road just behind the Dragon Monument is a great place for lunch or dinner!

For good views of Phuket, a trip to the top of Kao Rang was once the best place, well that was until Big Buddha came along! At the top of the Hill is long established Tung Ka Cafe, the recently opened Kao Rang Breeze and a bit lower down is another restaurant, Phuket View, again with good views, and it seems some smaller restaurants have started opening at the foot of the hill. In 2014 a brand new viewpoint opened between to Tung Ka Cafe and Kao Rang Breeze with great views over Phuket Town. 

However if it's a quick lunch your looking for whilst exploring Phuket's old town then noodles are probably the answer. One of my favourites is Ko Yoon's Hokkien Noodle Shop on Suriyadet Circle just close to the Fresh Food Market. Another long established noodle shop is Ko Meng's in Tanon Phang Nga opposite the Pear Hotel car park entrance. For something a bit different try Fried Hokkien Noodles at Mee Ko Lahn in Tanon Satun or Pae Taew Noodles on the corner of Tanon Satun / Tanon Dibuk.. Another favourite is Ko Pian's Hokkien Noodles in Tanon Krabi just opposite the Mae Ya Nang Chinese Temple. But if you looking for something a bit more upmarket then take a look in Tanon Dibouk, Tanon Krabi or Tanon Thalang where there are several well known restaurants such as China Inn and Kopitiam and more recently the Chino @ Cafe Gallery has become very popular (see their facebook page as my photos are out of date!) and open before most at 8.30am.

Another popular food for the locals is a kind of fried oyster, egg and taro mix called Oh Dtao, this is a very filling snack and Oh Dtao Bang Niow 2 in Patiphat Rd near Jui Dtui Temple is a good place to try it. This closed in 2014 but the original Oh Dtao Bang Niow near Bang Niow Chinese Temple is still open.

Pad Thai has become a 'farang' favourite and can be found just about everywhere especially at street markets. If you are visiting Jui Dtui Temple just walk down Soi Puthon to the end and turn left into Bangkok Rd and you will find a small Pad Thai shop serving traditional Pad Thai.

Another place that I have been going to since 1987 is Metro Roast Duck Restaurant, a cheap, simple but clean restaurant that has been in business since 1971 which proves it is good! Previously located by the Merlin Hotel it is now located just behind the Electricity Office in Tanon Phang Nga. 

For lovers of Crispy Pork try  Moo Grorp Khun Yai in Wichit Songkram Road. A family run restaurant that serves pork. chicken or duck over rice. The portions are large and prices cheap. They really do a good crispy pork! The restaurant recently moved to this location but has been in business for many years.

For less adventurous tourists that are looking for something a bit more western, Kanda Bakery on Tanon Rasada has probably been the most well known over the years and does a thriving trade during the annual Vegetarian Festival when it sells vegetarian food in front of the entrance. For a more luxurious Colonial lunch try the Blue Elephant Restaurant in the Phra Phitak Chinpracha Mansion (or Governors Mansion) in Tanon Krabi, which also runs a cookery school at the back of the restaurant. 

Rawai and Nai Harn
Rawai has been well known by the locals as a place to dine cheaply. For years and years the local people have been celebrating birthdays and other special days by dining at one of the many beach-side restaurants that serve BBQ chicken and seafood. Most of these restaurants specialise in food from the Esan (Northeast) region of Thailand. There are many bars that have opened recently offering food and drinks for tourists. Nikita's is probably one of the oldest and best known, and has a beautiful location close to Rawai Pier. Further down the beach in the Chao Leh (Sea Gypsey) Village is a seafood market well known as a place to buy fresh fish and seafood. Just recently several restaurants have opened next to the market offering a cooking service as well as an standard menu. Just choose your fish or seafood at one of the stalls and they will charge a small fee for cooking it. At the southern end of Rawai Beach just opposite the Rawai Palm Beach Resort is The Recycle Restaurant built on the side of the canal using recycled wood and surrounded by plants it is easy to miss as it looks like a fisherman's shack. It is cheap and serves good food but only in the evenings. 2015 update - the Recycle has a change of owner and change of name but I haven't been back to try it out. For something different than Thai food I'd recommend Sala Mexicali on the road from Rawai to Chalong,

Alternatively you can take a boat trip to one of the islands for lunch and a swim. The closest being Bon Island where I have my restaurant

If you just want a soft drink, coffee or tea and maybe a cake or a toasted sandwich then Spoonful of Sugar is a great place with indoor and outdoor seating. 

For book lovers Rawai Book Cafe is a must. Relax with one of Bev's home made cakes and one of her health drinks then choose a second hand book to take home.

The Coconut Cafe at Nai Harn Beach just next door to the Royal Yacht Club Hotel has been there for years, I always used to go there when I spent a day at Nai Harn in the 1980s but the restaurant was damaged during the 2004 Tsunami and is different from how I remember it. Good food and of course a great view of Nai Harn Beach.

Ao Sane Beach has a beach-side restaurant serving good food with good views. The road is very narrow so drive carefully!

Laem Promthep, Rawai / Nai Harn is more known for it's sunset views, however there are many small stalls selling snacks as well as a restaurant on top of the hill. Laem Promthep Restaurant is open all day and makes a perfect place to relax and watch the sun go down.

Central Festival / Junk Ceylon
The Shopping Malls  have a selection of restaurants and coffee shops just choose the nearest or the one that you like. Some will have a menu on show outside so you can check the food and prices first. Most are chain store operations with a reputation to keep so you can be sure of good quality food and service.  One of my favourites is Sukishi at Central a Thai Company serving  Korean BBQ and Japanese style food.

Sam Kong
Sam Kong is a great place for people who love eating! There are lots of small shops selling take away curries and also several eat in restaurants too. Between Vachira Hospital and Bangkok Hospital look out for Krua Teochew a restaurant serving medium priced Chines style dishes. (2016 update - Krua Teochew has moved to a new location a little further along the road). Another lies hidden away just along the road that runs along the side of Bangkok Hospital, just turn into the street and follow it along until you see some yellow doors, they are the entrance to Pratoo Leung Restaurant or 'Yellow Door' Restaurant. You can choose from indoor and outdoor seating. 

Northern Phuket
This is not my area so I don't get there often but if you're exploring Sarasin Bridge or on a trip to Phang Nga then try Thanoon Seafood right at the foot of Sarasin Bridge on the Phang Nga side, you can even walk over the bridge to get there. Another place worth a mention is Pier88 Seafood located on the bay at Ao Por not far from Ao Po Grand Marina. Great views, good service and quality food. Haven't blogged this yet but follow the link to their facebook page.

Fried or Barbecued Chicken on the Street, Phuket | Thai FoodRoti or Thai Pancakes, Phuket, Thailand | Thai Food

Street Food
A cheap alternative are the many street carts selling a wide range of food, most common is Chicken and Sticky Rice, a favourite with locals and Thais alike and found all over Phuket. In certain areas you will find the stalls grouped together as a small market and you'll find fruit, pancakes (roti), somtam, sweet corn and a variety of local snacks. These small 'markets' can be found in Laem Promthep, Saphan Hin, and along Phuket's main beaches, especially at night time when people are returning from night-clubs and feeling a little hungry. Just look for an umbrella, smoke or neon lights and you'll know where to head!

Curry Shops
Popular with the Thais Curry Shops are the perfect cheap meal for everyone. Eat in or take out. Curry and stir-fried vegetables are on show in buffet style trays - just choose a couple and ask for them to put it over a plate of rice and you'll have a complete meal for probably no ,ore than 50 Baht. Curry shops can be found everywhere so I am not going to make a list of them, however occasionally I come across one with something a little special for me, like Ko Vee's for example.

Halal Restaurants
Due to the fact that a large percentage of Phuket's people are Muslim it is not difficult to find Halal food here. Apart from the local curry, kebab and roti restaurants there are many street carts selling fried chicken. One of my favourite places is Aleemeens which also serves Japanese style food as well as local dishes. If you're here during Ramadan just head for the nearest mosque late afternoon and you'll be sure to find a special Ramadan market set up, a great place to find local sweets, cakes and curries and also to meet the local people.