Breakfast Time - Phuket Style!

One of my favourite breakfasts in Phuket is Dim Sum, back in 1987 I often went to the restaurant at the top of The Pearl Hotel in Phuket Town to have a Dim Sum lunch with a view over the rooftops of Phuket. But there are lots of street side Dim Sum shops open from before dawn until lunchtime, offering eat-in or take-out food. Just sit at a table and one of the waitresses will appear with a tray of little dishes of 'Kanom Jeep' and other delicacies, each with 2 pieces per bowl. You pay for what you eat by the number of bowls and it is easy to get carried away and ending up with a big bill! Prices vary from place to place but the above dishes were around 15-20 baht each and I was full after about six  (although I could have eaten more!) One very popular restaurant is in Tanon Mae Luan but I chose Lahn Dim Sum in Tanon Poonpol for this visit as I had never tried it before. Almost missed out as they close at 11am!

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