Museum on Wheels, Phuket - มิวเซียมติดล้อ สพานหิน ภูเก็ต

Every now and again there is something new arriving in Phuket, even if it is only for a short time. I heard about this little museum show on facebook and took two trips to Saphan Hin but didn't find it. Today I was determined to get there so I parked my car and went looking for it on foot. Still unable to find it I stopped at the police kiosk and found a few policeman sitting outside. I asked them about where the museum was and it all got a bit confusing with suggestions of the Aquarium, and blank looks all round. Eventually one of them said 'oh the one in the container, think they left already', I thanked them and headed back to the car to drive around and find it because the Tourist Information Centre had told me it was still here.

I had been looking in the wrong area and eventually found a group of colourful containers connected by walkways that formed the Mobile Museum.

The exhibition is in Phuket for around two months, and although small and designed for the locals (no English apart from VDO subtitles) it is an interesting modern idea for a museum. Open from 10am to 6pm Tuesday to Saturday.

The first container you enter asks the question 'Who is truly Thai? What is 'Truly Thai?' The ehibition tries to explain the answer with displays of different cultures and different periods that have formed and changed the country.

Attached to the side of the container were tubes, I thought they were decorative but on venturing inside I discovered that they were small 'sound' cubicles. Each had a small display of items and a tablet audio slide show that were all running together and required putting your head inside the tube to be able to hear the story! Interesting idea......

Each tube was about a different race of people who have moulded together to become the race that we call'Thai'. 

The last two containers depict the significant changes that came to Thailand with the influence of the Western World. One of which was Evis Presley....