Time for a refill?

Gas | Petrol stations in Phuket

The wonderful thing about Thailand is running out of petrol (gas).

Due to a restriction on pump opening hours a year or so ago, the local people resorted to the more traditional method of bottled benzine, gasohol and diesel. Although a bit more expensive than the major petrol stations, it is a very convenient way to fill up. Some stalls are open 24 hours which can really save the day for some of us!

Another version is the traditional oil drum with a hand wound pump that can still be found in more remote places, or a more recent invention of a coin operated vending machine often to be found outside small supermarkets. (Photo to follow when I have a bit more time!)

However here in Phuket there are plenty of the modern variety too!

Gas | Petrol Stations in Phuket

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