Rimtang@Chalong Restaurant

ร้านอาหาร ริมทาง@ฉลอง    
Rimtang@Chalong Restaurant and Gift Shop

Located just opposite the rear entrance of  Wat Chalong
This lakeside restaurant makes a perfect place for dining after a visit to the temple.  

Restaurants in Phuket

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Opening at 10am the lunch time restaurant serves both noodles and a selection of Thai food until around 6pm when the kitchen changes to the dinner menu with a wide selection of Thai and European cuisine served in an open air setting overlooking the lake. The gift shop is open all day, until the restaurant closes around 10pm.

Restaurants in Phuket

Restaurants in Phuket

The menu offers medium priced food with reasonable sized portions, nicely presented and tasting as good as they look. Fish can be taken whole or filleted, and special requests for food preparation are accepted. 

Thai Food

Thai FoodThai FoodThai Food

Open from 10am to 10pm
Payment be cash or credit card.