Phuket's High Season is here!

As November approaches so does the nice weather - longtail boat trip anyone? 

Boat trips in Phuket

Phuket's longtail boats are a fun way to travel around Phuket's off-shore islands. Just look for the boat captains sitting along the beach-side and ask them to take you to the island of your choice. 

Phuket's high season

Prices are charged per boat not per person and based on a return trip. Prices vary and are negotiable to some extent. Fishing trips will be charged by the hour.

The boat may take you to an island and arrange for a time to collect you, but often the boat will wait at the island. Payment should be made on the return trip.

Be sure to remember the number of your boat or the name if it is in English. The number will also have letters in front signifying the beach from which the boat runs - ie PT Patong, KL Kata or Karon, RL Rawai, CH Chalong and PW Cape Panwa. If the boat doesn't have a number it probably isn't licensed for tourist trips. 

It is advisable to put cameras and phones in a waterproof bag as on windy days the sea spray can leave you pretty wet. This is also a good idea as I often see people fall in the water when getting out of the boat - especially after a few beers!

When getting on or off the boat it is advisable to sit on the side of the boat and go both legs together - going one leg on the boat and one leg in the sea can cause a fall if the boat rocks as you are getting on or off. Don't touch the exhaust pipe - it will be very hot!

Oh and one other thing......if your captain falls asleep and the tide goes down you may be there a lot longer than you were expecting!

Boat trips in Phuket
Enjoy your trip!