Wat Sri Sunthorn, Thalang, Phuket - วัดศริสุนทร

A small temple easily missed but worth a visit. As is often the case I ended up there on a rainy day and the big reclining Buddha looked as unhappy about the weather as I did!

Wat Sri Sunthorn (Lipon) is in Tambol Sri Sunthorn, Thalang, close to the Heroine's Monument, just a liitle further north as you head along Tepkassatree Road on the way to the Airport and a short drive from Wat Pra Nang Sang and Wat Pratong. To be honest I am not sure if the temple is named after the 'tambol' or is named after one of the heroines - I think maybe the tambol was named after the heroine and then the temple named after the tambol. Anyway I guess it really isn't that important. Let's just say they all share the same name!

It is possible to go up on the roof to view the reclining Buddha more closely but due to the rain I decided against it! One of the monks stopped to chat obviously curious as to what this crazy farang was doing walking around the temple in the pouring rain!