Tanon Thalang Revisited

Having done a little bit of shopping I wanted a restaurant with a parking space outside so as to be able to keep an eye on things. Planning on noodles or Oh Dtao I started my journey around town. Huh! 17.30pm is not a good time - schools are out and hungry Mums and kids are competeing with office evacuees to get a bite to eat. I didn't have much luck - Oh Dtao shop was closed as were some of my favourite noodle stops and those that were open had not a parking space insight, especially for a long pick-up truck! Heading back home I turned down Tanon Thalang only to find a parking space right in front of Kopitam, I was in luck at last!

While waiting for my noodles I settled down to my inevitable hot Chinese Tea - this time Oolong tea served in a beautiful Benjarong mug and only 20 Baht which is amazing in such a nice restaurant! The noodles served with Bak Kut Teh soup full of pork bones cost 80 Baht and as usual I was too hungry to stop to take a photo! Sorry.

Just recently the Tourist Authority of Thailand budgeted the instalment of coloured lights to light up the buildings along Tanon Thalang at night and run at the cost of the local council. I must say I don't totally agree with the idea as the street is usually lit by old fashioned style lights and looks authentically 'historical' and these bright alternating neon colours look more like something out of Disneyland and not at all in keeping with the Old Town theme in my opinion. A total waste of money.

Just along the road from Kopitiam is Non Lang's T-shirt shop - not expensive 139 or 159 Baht depending on size! (See more about them on their Facebook page.) So now I have a new T shirt too!