Markets and Night Markets

Day Markets

Phuket Fresh Food Market (Talad Sot Bahn Sahn) - Phuket Town

Phuket Fresh Food Market 2 (Talad Graset) - Phuket Town

Evening and Night Markets

Downtown Fruit and Vegetable Market (where the restaurants and locals go) See Phuket Fresh Food Market post.

Lardyai Sunday Walking Street (more of a mini street festival than a market)

Local Evening Markets known by locals as Talad Nat (Food and cheap clothes etc and can be found just about everywhere but days vary)

Rawai Beach Seafood Market (fresh fish and souvenirs)

Samrahn Talad - Chic Garden, Krabi Road (small market bar and entertainment)

Suan Luang Market (Not really a market but a collection of small shop units

Weekend Market or Chatuchak or Jatujak or Chaofa Variety Market or Talad Tai Rot. Sells just about everything you can expect from a market and more! Located near Naka Temple