Natural Restaurant

Natural Restaurant

Located near Jui Dtui Chinese Temple in Soi Phutorn, Phuket Town.

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I have known this restaurant from the days I first arrived in Phuket. In those days it was always full of Thais on their lunch breaks and you didn't find many tourists there. It's not the kind of place you would expect to find in this location at all. Up until recently it was located close to a car repair shop in Soi Puthorn, the road that runs from Ranong Road passing in front of Jui Dtui Shrine to Bangkok Road. The car repair shop moved out and the new owner opened a restaurant there, so now it is much easier to find a parking place! 

The thing that makes the Natural Restaurant (or Rahn Aharn Tammachart as it is called in Thai) so good is the way it is decorated. The three floor building is full of plants and trees plus an enormous and ever expanding collection of antiques and artefacts.

Upstairs is an open air section for those who want a bit of sun and there are separate rooms and corners for people who want a little privacy or to watch the results of the Stock Market on TV! Each corner seems to have it's own character, maybe an imitation waterfall, a carp pond or simply a room that makes you feel your with friends for dinner in their old Thai house.It has a great atmosphere that makes you forget you are in the middle of town. Good food at medium range prices, with easy to use fully illustrated menu.

Open from 10am to 10pm

Credit cards accepted.