Phuket's 7th OTOP Fair 2012 at Saphan Hin

Tuesday 10th July until Monday 16th July 2012 at Saphan Hin

One Tambon One Product. Phuket
The Spirits were certainly been looked after!
This annual fair is a showcase of Thai handicrafts and food products. These products are graded by the OTOP organisation (One Tambon One Product) and this year will see more than 140 stalls coming from Phuket and other provinces of Thailand.

OTOP was started by the Thai Government headed by Thaksin Shinawtra during the period of 2001 - 2006 taking it's inspiration from the Japanese One Village One Product program.. The aim to encourage villagers to develop locally made products for the selection of one superior product to be promoted and marketed under the OTOP label both at home and overseas. Despite the change in Government the OTOP label has remained.

A list of shops and products can be found at however this English web page is limited and more complete information can be found on the Thai language site: which offers a province by province, tambon by tambon directory.

Update: Hope to get some pics on 12th July so watch this space........ Ok well here are the pics as promised!

Benjarong Handmade Ceramics - Somchai Benjarong 
เครื่องเบญจรงค์น้ำทอง สมชายเบ็ญจรงค์

One Tambon One Product, Phuket
Pineapple Designed Ceramics - Pragorpsap Ceramics
เครื่องปั้นดินเผาลายคราม หจก.ประกอบทรัพย์ทวีเซรามิคส์
One Tambon One Product. Phuket
Textiles from Nan Province
One Tambon One Product, Phuket
Wooden Furniture by Chang look Toong, for sale in Soi TanJua, Tanon Amphur, Phuket. Tel: 076-210253
ช่างลูกทุ่ง 25/11 ซ. ตันจั่ว ถ. อำเภอ ต. ตลาดใหญ่ อ. เมือง จ. ภูเก็ต โทร.  076 210253
Batik Accessories from Waemaso Waeda-ohd Factory, 
96/5 M. 11 Tambon Lumpu, Amphur Meung, Narathiwat. Tel 073-631873
แวมะโอะ โรงงาน 96/5 ม.11 ต.ลำภู อ.เมือง จ.นราธิวาส โทร. 073-631873

I bought some nice head-scarves and a sarong from these friendly guys!

Getting there
Saphan Hin is right on the sea to the east of Phuket and can be reached from the center of Phuket Town by Tuk-Tuk or by the Phuket Pink Bus. If you are driving there, follow Phuket Road from Surin Clock Tower passing Bang Niow Shrine then on towards Phuket Immigration Office. You'll know you have arrived when you see the Tin Mining Monument, the Exhibition Center is close by and easily spotted by the signs.You may need to park in the street that leads to the monument as parking spaces tend to fill up quickly and many areas are no-parking zones, look out for the no parking red and white stripes along the road-side (yellow and white stripes designate loading zones and again are not for parking.)

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If your planning a visit to the fair don't forget to take a walk around Saphan Hin and Klong Bang Yai. Their are small stalls selling snacks along the side of the street as well as food products sold in the OTOP fair itself so no need to take lunch before you arrive. Take a walk around from the Exhibition Centre following the road towards the sea and you will come to the Chinese Shrine Giew Tian Geng well known by the locals as the point that marks the end on the Phuket Vegetarian Festival.

Sight Seeing in Phuket | Attractions Phuket