The King Visits Phuket in March 1959

Phuket was very proud to receive the King and Queen in March 1959. In those days Sarasin Bridge had not been built and the King arrived at Tha Chatchai by ferry from Tha Noon in Phang Nga. 

This video offers a glimpse of Phuket before the changes that Sarasin Bridge would bring, unfortunately there is only a Thai soundtrack but this is a wonderful trip into Phuket's past. The King spent 5 days in Phuket from 8th March to 12 March 1959  meeting the local people at Phuket Town, visited a Tin Mine (เหมืองหินเจ้าฟ้า), a Rubber Plantation and Surin Beach, Tha Reua where the King releases a prawn into the sea, Rawai, Patong Waterfall, Wat Monkol Nimit, Wat Pratong and finally to Paklok before boarding the ferry back to Phang Nga.

VDO thanks to YOU TUBE and WEWCO WEW