I-46 Old Town Coffee

Located at no.46 Tanon Krabi just across from Soi Downtown as you head for the Blue Elephant Restaurant, i-46 is run by Khun Nong in his family home, a traditional Chinese Shop House that dates back to Phuket's Tin Mining days and is like a piece of the past in present day.

I have been to this house a long time ago (late 1990s) for a Chinese lesson with Khun Nong's brother and so for me this place is part of the history of my life in Phuket. This wonderful family make their guests very welcome and make you feel your part of the family. 

Khun Nong, the owner, with his family photos

You will see an old photo of Khun Nong's grandfather hanging on the wall alongside other family photos including early shots of Khun Nong too. Originally an immigrant Chinese family, Khun Nong's grandfather was given a Thai name of Anupart which he later changed to Hongyok. You will still see these names in many businesses in Phuket as the family has expanded over the years.

i-46 Old Town Coffee is like a museum in itself, and Khun Nong is happy to talk about his house and family. The building is a typical Sino-Potuguese shop-house with 'Chim Jae' or central open roofed area used for ventilation and lighting which makes a great place to relax reading, chatting or just enjoying a coffee. 

i-46 has all the makings of the traditional Phuket coffee shop society, people drop by to take a coffee or breakfastor to chat with Khun Nong (who speaks English, Japanese and Chinese). Family and friends sit chatting with regular visitors, friends and neighbours, and like I said previously you suddenly feel part of the family! 

Sitting at the front of the house drinking coffee on my second visit I discovered what has to be the best banana cupcakes in town! Freshly baked by Khun Nong's wife (who is in charge of the cooking) they had the full flavour of real bananas, soft and moist and simply so delicious it was hard not to order another one!

i-46 is open from 8am until 4pm everyday except Wednesday, you can find them on facebook too.
As well as coffee they have juices, local cakes, international food and a selection of postcards and souvenirs.