Siow Jong Sin Restaurant - ร้านอาหาร เซี่ยวจงซิ่น

It's not hard to find a new restaurant to explore but it's harder to find one that is a bit special. 

One day driving home along the Wirathongyok Road (ถ. วิรัชหงษ์หยก), the road that runs from Naka Temple and the Weekend Night Market into town, I spotted a row of gas lantern lit tables, all full of people eating and drinking. It looked just my kind of place so I made a point to pay a visit but then I forgot about it for a while until I saw someone make a comment on Facebook, and when a local Thai person gives a good review then you know the restaurant is worth a visit! However it was a few attempts before I got there as I didn't realize that the restaurant is closed on Sundays and Mondays and opens around 17.30pm, so after a few trips I finally got to eat there in the end!

There is no name sign as far as is visible from the road so you just need to look for the tables just along from the fruit market on the left before you get to the intersection and Mr Com computer shop. You can find the location map here on Foursquare. The name is in Chinese and reads as Siow Jong Sin (เซี่ยวจงซิ่น in Thai). The restaurant is run by a school teacher and has a sign saying 'Head Master' near the counter entrance, so if you want to do your homework there then you won't have a problem!

Inside is decorated like a mini museum, similar to the Natural Restaurant in Soi Puthon, and it is possible to sit inside or outside.

The menu had several choices and I chose Moo Kahm Wahn one of my favourites and I was pleased that I did! I forget the price now but I think around 80Baht and the noodles were even less!

Great atmosphere, good food. Hope to get back there soon.
Infact I might just go there right now!