Choom Chon 40 Hong, Kra Road - ชุมชน 40 ห้อง ถนนกระ

I have just added another favourite dining spot to my list!

I have passed this road so many times and said to myself 'I must go there soon' but tonight I actually got there.

This community was originally formed about 20 years ago to house council workers but as years have gone by people from outside have moved in and opened businesses. Now the street is lined with tables just before sunset and seems to have become a popular dining spot for the locals. I arrived at opening time 17.30pm.

I went to what must be the smallest of the restaurants, it only has 3 canal side tables and is run by a wonderfully friendly family with 'Mum' doing the cooking and her son serving. I ordered with no idea of the prices as I hadn't noticed the sign above the restaurant and was amazed to find out just how cheap and tasty it was. One plate of rice, one bottle of water, one plate of food (see photo below) all for 79 Baht, and what an unusual location for Phuket. Beer and other drinks are available too. This restaurant boasts WiFi but the signal was not strong enough to get across the road although I think they will be improving on that soon.

Now some of you may be wondering if the canal smelt bad, well today there was no smell at all and the only worry I had was that I might accidentally knock my phone into the water! (So I put it away safely in my bag under the table)

Choom Chon 40 Hong is in the part of Kra Road that runs along-side Bang Yai Canal on the opposite bank to the Transport Office. It can be approached from Saphan Hin or from the bridge where Poonpol Road and Kra Road meet just close to Poonpol Night Plaza. You can see a map here: