Kao Yam Tang Leuak - ขัาวยำทางเลือก

The Second Hand Book Restaurant, Phang Nga Road 
(What's it really called?)

I remember this place when it was just a book shop, then it got tables and chairs and started selling noodles, but now it has my favourite too, 'Kao Yam' and has been added to my list of favourite places for lunch! Kao Yam is a traditional Southern Thai dish, probably originating from Malaysia or Indonesia, made from a selection of finally sliced vegetables and herbs, dried shredded shrimp, sour mango or similar and 'budu' sauce (บูดู). Kao Yam is renowned for its complete nutritional value.

 A big plate full for only 45 Baht! 

 I first discovered 'Kao Yam Tang Leuak' (Alternative Kao Yam) at an OTOP Fair. Registered as an OTOP product and guaranteed by a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certification, it caught my eye because the ingredients, all natural, looked fresh and healthy and the packaging great if you wanted to take some home to eat or as a gift for friends or family.

You might not notice the shop but it is right next door to the Bangkok Bank in Phang Nga Road, and if you're a noodle fan then why not order both. 

Sorry about the dismal photo but I only get a day off when it rains!

They are open until 4pm every day except 1st and 16th of the month (lottery days), and you can always call them and order in advance or to check they are open.

You will also find them among the many food stalls at some of the local fairs and festivals. Just look for their sign.