Ko Pian Hokkien Noodles - ร้านโกเพียรหมี่ฮกเกี้ยน

One of my all time favourite Noodle places is Ko Pian's in Krabi Road just opposite the Mae Ya Nang Shrine. Although there is no parking street-side, there is a large open space just nearby which can be used for parking and also to walk through to Jui Dtui Chinese Temple as well as the fresh food market. As of writing there is no charge for parking there.

I always choose 'Mee Haeng' dry noodles, and more often than not order 'piset' which gets you an extra amount of noodles to ensure being full! The restaurant fills up with local office staff at lunch time so better to get there before or after the rush. They close at about 5pm, or earlier if they run out of ingredients!

Okay, excuse me while I eat my noodles, see you next post!