Phuket Fresh Food Market.

For fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and meat the best place is undoubtedly the Phuket Fresh Food Market. Just opposite is 'Soi Downtown' which is well know for fruit and vegetables, most of which are sold on the road (literally).
Trolley. Phuket Fresh Food Market

I have been going to the market in Phuket town for years - the old market was always an experience - old style coffee bars, leaking roof, the odd rat or two, and a variety of smells and sounds, but now it's gone I miss it! In 2007 (I think) the market closed and was moved to a temporary location near Naka Temple.

Phuket Fresh Food Market
Morning at the Phuket Temporary Market (Now closed)

Phuket Fresh Food Market
The last day of the temporary market came in late 2010

A new market was built in the old location in the center of Phuket Town (City) and was the focus of both good and bad opinions. Eventually it opened and I guess we are all getting used to it. I still like the old market better though!

Ranong Road, Phuket, Thailand
The newly built market as seen from Thai Cargo Building

Vegetables. Phuket Fresh Food Market
Narrow walkways, lots of steps and a slippery floor are the cause of criticism

The new market is taking a lot of criticism. It is three floors, slippery, lots of steps (a lift too) and lacks the 'airflow' of the old market. An indoor car park is a bonus - IF you get a space!

Phuket Fresh Food MarketNo Smoking. Phuket Fresh Food Market

The fourth floor parking area is great early in the morning before the sun rises but after that it gets too hot, so most people tend to stay on the 3rd floor and just hope they get a space. The view is fun if you have time to spare. Watch Phuket life go on as it always does. bikes, tuk-tuks, pick-up trucks and all the latest models of cars dodging around pedestrians and delivery boys. A good view of Soi Downtown too. Soi Downtown is best visited at night time when the vendors set up their stalls selling fruit. The market runs through until mid morning with just a few stalls continuing through the day.

Ranong Road, From Phuket Fresh Food Market

Markets in Phuket

The market building is also a focus for festivals that centre around the Jui Dtui Chinese Shrine and Ranong Road, the main events being the annual Hungry Ghost Festival when the car park is closed to make way for offerings and becomes a place of worship.

Phuket Fresh Food Market

and the the newly built building gives a great location to watch the Vegetarian Festival  processions from the air.

Phuket Fresh Food Market