Khun Yai's Crispy Pork Restaurant, Phuket Town

Moo Grorp Khun Yai - หมูกรอบคุณยาย ภูเก็ต

Khun Yai's is located on Wichit Songkram Road, the road that runs from Central Festival passing Sirikul Sports Stadium into Phuket Town. After the sports stadium keep going straight, don't take the left fork in the road, carry on passing 7-11 on the right and then a bit further and you'll see the colourful signs on the outside of the restaurant.

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Crispy pork can been found in many restaurants in Phuket Town, but few serve such a well prepared crispy pork as Khun Yai's. The pork is just the right combination of crispy and soft with no signs of being greasy like in some places. I chose the normal dish for 40 Baht rather than the special (big) dish for 50 Baht, but even the normal portion was so big that, having eaten it, I really didn't want to get up and walk out but felt more like falling asleep at the table! It was served with a large plate of raw vegetables and a large bowl of clear soup. Free water and free ice are served at the table but other drinks were all 15 Baht. As usual I started eating then remembered that I needed a photo so you will see a couple of mouthfuls have gone already and also see that the pork is covered with lots of different sauces, just the way I like it, but if you don't want spicy no worries because the food arrives plain and you add everything yourself. They also serve duck and chicken as well as other variations on the pork theme. Take away is available.