Ajarn Lieap Chanaseuk Museum, Thalang, Phuket

Ajarn Lieap Chanaseuk was born in 1927 and is well known for his love of history and knowledge of herbal remedies. He did a lot of historical research, especially of Thalang, and received an award from Her Royal Highness Princess Mahachakri Sirindhorn. After his death in 2008 (I think) his family and students built this small museum in his honour.

It is a little hard to find but the easiest way is to turn left into Tanon Bahn Riang (a kilometre or so north of Wat Pra Nang Sang) and follow the road straight for about a kilometre and a half then you will see the wall in the picture below, turn right into a small driveway that leads through a couple of houses and you find the museum just inside. The problem coming this way is that you don't see the sign unless you look in your rear view mirror! If you go past it you will eventually end up at the main road that runs between Thalang and Surin Beach, just turn around and come back!

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On arrival if the museum is locked contact the house next door where Ajarn's sister lives and she will open the door and show you around. Their is no entrance fee, but please do make a donation. Small enterprises like this are not funded by the government and rely on your donation for help with maintenance work and improving their collections.

The museum has a garden full of different kinds of plants and herbs each with information (in Thai).

Inside the museum is a small collection of personal items belonging to the family, some from overseas, as well as items of local historical interest. The seeds in the photo below were used by the local children as a simple game of what could be called mini bowling. The seeds would be stood on their sides in a row in a small groove cut into the earth and then the children would choose a seed to flick with their fingers in an attempt to knock down as many as possible. Sadly I forgot to ask what the game was called - will ask on my next visit!

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