Ko Meng's Noodles - หมี่โกเม้งเจ้าเก่าสะพานหิน

There are lots of noodle shops in Phuket Town but don't miss this one! If you follow Phang Nga Road over the crossroads at Promthep clock tower and carry on almost to the next set of traffic lights you will see the car park for the Pear Hotel, Ko Meng's Noodles is just opposite. Ko Meng has been around for a while, since 1962 infact, and was previously located in Saphan Hin. The front of the shop is insignificant but look for the brown awning and the sign that reminded me of Kentucky Fried Chicken (hope you see it that way too?) and you'll be sure to find it..

The interior isn't amazing and I chose to avoid sitting at the table with a toy woolly spider hanging over it! There were a few other toys as well as the owner's much loved folding bicycle which gave me something to smile about while I was waiting for my noodles. The service was friendly and polite and there were plenty of customers even on a rainy day.

Ko Meng is open from 07.30am until 17.00pm and is closed every Saturday.

Oh and by the way, the noodles were great and as usual I was too hungry to take a photo! Sorry :-)