Kopi de Phuket, Phuket Road. โคปี๊ เดอ ภูเก็ต

Kopi de Phuket was originally located in the On On Hotel as a small coffee shop however since the hotel has been taken over and re-branded as The Memory, Kopi de Phuket had to close. Now you can find Kopi de Phuket next to 'The Books' bookshop in Phuket Road.

As I hate air conditioning and it was a rainy (cold!) day so I chose the outdoor table, not only did this give me a chance to watch Phuket life go by but also the opportunity to listen to the music drifting from the CD shop opposite! 

I chose the Chinese Soup or Bak Kut Teh it was absolutely delicious, the meat was really tender and just fell off the bones and the soup was really tasty with plenty of pepper and Chinese herbs. Recommend it!

Another Phuket style dish (and another of my favourites) is the Chicken Curry with Roti, but there is a huge menu to choose from and I couldn't eat everything so you'll just have to go and check it out! 

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