World of Batik Exhibition เทิดไท้องค์ราชินี

ภูเก็ตเทิดพระเกียรติ พระแม่แห่งแผ่นดิน

Rainy days in Phuket usually give me some time for doing fun things so today I headed off to Central Festival East (Homeworks Phuket) to see the World of Batik Exhibition. These exhibitions are usually small affairs but this one offered you a chance to meet the artists, make your own Batik, taste Phuket local foods for free and enjoy a Thai Dancing show, fashion show and musicians. Several styles of Batik was on show and for sale as well as other works of art and local products. So this exhibition was good fun.

The Exhibition runs from August 1st to August 4th 2013  and apparently is to continue every Sunday.

Display boards showed the tools involved in the making of Batik 
and there was also a stall where you could paint your own.
See more about Batik at my 'Batik' post.

A long time ago I attended a Batik Training Class and made my own attempt at Batik! You can see the result on my Batik post too!

There were some beautiful Batik works on show from
Batik House in Rawai run by Ajarn Apinan Tovankasame
บ้าน บาติก โดย อาจารย์อภินัน โตวรรณเกษม

but some of my favourites were these two!

By Manit Dittarm (มานิตย์ ดิษธรรม)

 By Attiwat Yoodee (อธิวัฒน์ อยู่ดี)

Another thing that caught my attention was a selection of oil paintings by a couple of different artists, I would love to have bought one but.......

These two are by Giart

The artist Watcharin Rodnit was painting something when I was there, his works of old buildings in Kathu had been made for the Kathu Festival and were very different from his abstract work. I will make a separate blog post for Watcharin and you can find him on Facebook too.

Slightly aside from the main Batik Exhibition was a row of stalls selling products made by the local people and artists.

Farmer's Wife's Community from Kamala  
วิสหกิจชุมชนกลุ่มแม่บ้านเกษตรกร บางหวานพัฒนา กมลา

 Aree Kongpol and friends from 111 Phuket Art Gallery

The rain had stopped and I ventured outside to take a look and see what food was for sale - it was much to my surprise (and delight) to discover that the food was available free for 'tasting'! So I started with Ah Poeng then went on to Kanom Dtao which you can see in the pictures below. The rain started again so I was 'forced' to stay a bit longer and have a free bowl of Kanom Jeen - huh ......

Making Kanom Ah Poeng (free tasting too)
A bit like crepes, slightly crispy, no filling, they are rolled up ready for sale. They are best when they are still warm, just like I had mine today! 

Making Kanom Dtao (Free tasting too)
Made from Sticky Rice Flour and filled with Green Been Paste they are put into a press to make them turtle shaped and then steamed when eventually they will turn bright red making them a popular cake for the Chinese population to use for offerings to the Gods for good luck.