Soi Soon Utis, Tanon Yaowarat, Phuket - ซอยสู่นอุทิศ

Having lived in Phuket for 26 years I finally took my first walk down Soi Soon Utis. 

A street-cart sells traditional 'Ah Poeng' cakes on the street corner is a good place to start,you can watch the cakes being made and take them away still warm and crispy!A well known noodle stall sets up in the afternoon but was open when I was there so I stopped at Juice Raw in Tanon Yaowarat to recover from my walk as well as a plate of spring rolls at Lock Tian for late breakfast!

Soi Soon Utis is a dead end street finishing at the big Luang Amnart Nararak Mansion that also faces out onto Dibuk Road. Being a residential street it is basically a place to see the old houses similar to the ones you can find all over Phuket Old Town. Don't forget to stop at the Cookie House and pick up a box of Phuket Dtao Sor Cakes!

The back entrance of Thai Hua Museum faces onto Soi Soon Utis which is something else I hadn't realised until today!