Sala Mexicali

I love Thai cuisine so much that I don't eat anything but Thai food even when I am out at 'farang' restaurants, but occasionally I find a place where I make an exception, and Sala Mexicali is one of those.

I had driven past it hundreds of times never even considering stopping there, then one day a friend suggested dinner there. I said 'okay' but my heart was saying 'oh I am not going to enjoy this' but as always I figured there would be something Thai on the menu (yes I really am that hooked on Thai food!).

That day I arrived to find the small restaurant looking rather 'my style' by that I mean open air, no air conditioning, thatched roof and lots of plants which made me relax about things. Since then I have been back several times and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it or to take friends or family there. It's a relaxed atmosphere and one other benefit - it has a reasonable sized parking area just in front.

The menu was not overly expensive and seemed even better value when the large portions food turned up. Expecting Tacos and not a lot else I was surprised at the variety of their menu and on that first visit I chose Jamaican Jerk Chicken and since then I have ordered this several times as it was so good. Last visit for a change I took the Potato Skins and Croc Cakes both of which were really good. In fact I haven't ordered anything there that has been a disappointment!

You can see their full menu and nutritional information on their website as well as a location map. Sala Mexicali is located on the road from Rawai to Chalong on the left just after the Soi Sai Yuan intersection if heading north. If your going there during high season it may be worth booking a table as they fill up pretty quickly! 

Like their website suggests 

"If you are traveling from Rawai or Nai Harn back to the Chalong Circle, there is typically a big traffic jam near the circle from 5pm to 7pm. Pro-tip: Stop into Sala Mexicali for dinner and don't get all stressed out in traffic."

Sounds like a good idea to me!