Thanoon Seafood Restaurant - ร้านอาหารท่านุ่นซีฟู๊ด

If you have an early check out but a late flight and need to kill time there are many things to do on the way to the airport, you can visit one of several temples in Thalang or take a look at the Thalang Museum, but a nice relaxing few hours can be spent at Thanoon Seafood near Sarasin Bridge. I chose to drive over the new bridge to the Phang Nga side and stop for lunch at Thanoon Seafood first and explore later.

The restaurant is next to the old bridge and right by the sea, it's an interesting area with fishing boats and the waterside fishing village. There is plenty of parking space so it's great to park there and take a stroll across the old bridge back to Phuket, it's not far, the bridge is just over 600m long and if you travelled there by taxi you could always get the driver to meet you on the Phuket side.

They have a good choice of food and helpful staff and it was a very pleasant place to sit and relax with a nice sea breeze. I chose Sea Cicadas, a dish that is getting very hard to find these days and prawns fried with salted eggs (I know, you're saying 'Yuk!', but there are many other great dishes to choose from.) Prices are what I would rate as medium, the two dishes in the photo cost 120baht and 180baht. 

View of Sarasin Bridge from my table.

As always, I only get to do things like this when the weather isn't good, and within minutes of sitting down a huge typhoon style storm hit in, it's was very dramatic and had everyone leaping up to take photos and the staff leaping up to fix their plastic rain curtain!

Look at those horizontal leaves!

You can see more photos of Sarasin Bridge in my Flickr album.