Heritage Trail 3

History of Phuket: http://www.phuketcity.info/wizContent.asp?wizConID=147&txtmMenu_ID=7

From Queen Sirikit Park (Dragon Monument) and Tourist Office in Tanon Thalang , to the Post Office Museum in Tanon Montree, return to Tanon Phang Nga and continue down until the junction with Tanon Phuket to the Promthep Clock Tower and Standard Chartered Bank Building (Soon to be a museum). Turn left along Tanon Phuket  taking a turn into Tanon Rasada to the Thavorn Heritage Hotel which it's own museum in the reception area. Cross back to Tanon Phang Nga to the On On Hotel and Sarn Jao Saeng Tam, ending with some noodles at Ko Yoon's on the Suriyadet Fountain Circle and a visit to Sarn Jao Mae Guan Im in Bangkok Road.

Phuket Parks

Phuket Architecture

Philatelic Museum Phuket
The Post Office Museum. Tanon Montree

Shopping in Phuket
Typical Phuket Shop Houses. Tanon Phuket

Phuket ArchitectureOld Buildings in Phuket

The Old Police Station and Promthep Clock Tower and previously the Standard Chartered bank once stood on the Canal 'Bang Yai'
an old photo can be seen here. In those days a sailing Junk could pass that was until the canal was filled to build a road. In the same period it was possible to sail right into town, even to Sarn Jao Bang Niow which was the a port.

Hotels in Phuket
Thavorn Heritage Hotel and Museum

Canals in Phuket
Klong Bang Yai. Tanon Pang Nga

Oldest Hotel in Phuket
On On Hotel. Phuket's oldest hotel. An old photo can be seen here.