Phuket Baba Wedding

For the last couple of years the Thai Peranakan Association have been arranging a 3 day Wedding Package for couples who want a Colonial Style Wedding in Baba tradition. The package includes a first day introduction to the ceremony, a cooking class and reception dinner and hotel stay. The second day beginning with preparations before lunch and various traditional ceremonies held in Hongyok House (a Sino-Portuguese Mansion in Phuket Old Town), a parade through Phuket Old Town with a photo session at the Thai Hua Museum, dinner at the Governor's Mansion (Blue Elephant Restaurant) and a honeymoon night in one of the nearby beach resorts. The last day includes various tours and photo sessions.

Phuket Baba Wedding

I almost missed the parade this year, in fact I caught it about half way through. As I got near to Tanon Krabi I could see and hear the brass band playing the theme tune to the Titanic movie at full blast, not Baba style but...

Phuket Baba Wedding

The bass brand was followed by a big orange truck with a trio playing classical music, the power system came from a generator in a pick-up truck attached by a cable and following very closely behind, I don't know why, but I found it kind of amusing. The truck was followed by a brand new, very long, limousine, and, maybe the only traditional vehicle in the ceremony, a 'songtaew' bus all decorated with fabric and used as a public announcement vehicle keeping everything under control!


Phuket Songthaew Bus

Like all parades in Phuket Town, traffic control is a major factor and keeps the local police force busy for a few hours!

Phuket Baba Wedding

Phuket Baba Wedding

Chinpracha Family

Bride and Groom

The local residents came out to see the show and the quite Sunday afternoon had suddenly changed to a moderately chaotic hustle and bustle of photographers and onlookers.

Tanon Krabi

The parade finally arrived at the Thai Hua Museum which made a nice backdrop for the photographs in the late afternoon sunlight. It was almost impossible to take a shot without someone walking through or rushing in to take a photograph, so many photographers with everything from mobile phones and I-pads to professional photographers with their equipment.

Thai Hua Museum

Traditional Costume. Phuket
With photos taken I left the happy couples to finish their photo session before they headed off for dinner at the Blue Elephant (Governors House) Restaurant.  
Blue Elephant Restaurant Phuket