Old Phuket and Heritage Trails

My suggestions of some do-it-yourself walking tours around the historic streets and buildings of Phuket Town.

If you just want a short walk with lunch then head for Tanon Thalang and Soi Rommanee, but if you want a bit more then follow one of the trails!

Heritage Trail 1.
From Sarn Jao Kao Rang along Tanon Mae Luan to see the Sino-Portuguese Architecture of Tanon Yaowarat, Soi Soon Utis, lunch in Tanon Dibuk, along Tanon Satun passing the Luang Amnart Nararak Mansion to Sarn Jao Mae Ya NangChinpracha House and Phra Pitak Mansion (now the Blue Elephant Restaurant)Stop for afternoon coffee at i-46 in Tanon Krabi. Back to Kao Rang to see the monkeys, watch the sunset and dinner at Tung Ka Cafe or Kao Rang Breeze.

Heritage Trail 2.
Visit the Phuket's Fresh Food Market in the late morning then on to Sarn Jao Jui Dtui and Sarn Jao Put Jor. Lunch at the Natural Restaurant in Tanon Phuthorn return to the Market and cut through Soi Downtown to Tanon Krabi to visit the Thai Hua Museum. Explore the old shops in Tanon Thalang and Soi Rommanee and stop for coffee and maybe a meal at Kopitiam, China Inn or Glastnost Bar. Explore the temples and buildings of Wat Mongol Nimit just at the end of Soi Romanee in Tanon Dibuk.

Heritage Trail 3.
From Queen Sirikit Park (Dragon Monument) and Tourist Office in Tanon Thalang , to the Post Office Museum in Tanon Montree, continue down Tanon Phang Nga until the junction with Tanon Phuket to the Promthep Clock Tower and Standard Chartered Bank Building (Soon to be a museum). Continue on to Tanon Rasada to the Thavorn Heritage Hotel which it's own museum in the reception area. Cross back to Tanon Phang Nga to the On On Hotel and Sarn Jao Saeng Tam, ending with some noodles at Ko Yoon's on the Suriyadet Fountain Circle and a visit to Sarn Jao Mae Guan Im in Tanon Bangkok.

Heritage Trail 4.
By Pink Bus from Suriyadet Fountain Circle to Laem Saphan Hin, Sarn Jao Saphan Hin, The Mining Monument, Klong Bang Yai, returning on foot to Sarn Joa Bang Niow and Kengtin's Cake Shop, Surin Circle Clock Tower and Sarn Jao Nok Nguan Gong.